Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Judge Rea was feeling remorseful over the Cannon Centeno case. He realized now he had hurt 4 small children, 2 of whom had never known their grandparents. The older two, were less fortunate. They DID know, and love their grandparents, and they were ripped from their loving company. These grandparents took care of the two girls... took the older one to school since pre-school, and picked her up each day. They were cared for and loved by these grandparents, who kept them while mom worked. These girls had their own room and the grandparent's home... painted pink, with bunny wallpaper, and a dainty bedspread. These grandparents adored the girls, and it was mutual. These grandparents watched the girls EACH and EVERY time the parents asked. They spent the night often, often at the kids request! They cooked with the grandmother, did sewing and science projects. The grandmother read to these girls often. She quit her job when the first girl was born, to be able to take care of her. Later, in a revengeful voice, mom told the judge I only wanted to keep Savannah as I felt no one else could care for her as I did, not because I loved her. (Except for Mom, true!)

One day Mom got angry and decided to never allow the grandparents to see these children again. The grandparents were distraught and cried constantly.

Legal counsel was sought to see the girls, using Grandparents Rights. The first Judge, decided to allow twice weekly phone calls while a court counselor decided if we should see the girls. After months of prodding the counselor to do her job, the judge ruled we were to see the girls every other weekend. It was like heaven seeing them again!

Several months went by, and the mom decided to change times of visits, making it three and four weeks between visits. We had to see them only in a restaurant or park. Many times the girls were not available to talk at the court appointed times.

The grandparents sought legal counsel. The NEXT judge, Judge Rea, decided to allow the parents to decide times and dates. The mom decided NO calls and NO visits. The grandparents are heartsick. Their souls are mostly dead.

Judge Rea felt horrible when he realized he had separated grandchildren who were loved and cherished from grandparents these children also loved and cherished. He realized he did not read the entire case... about the father locking the oldest daughter in a room, with him, and several loaded guns. Police were called. So many incidents of the father's harsh and unsafe treatment of these precious girls.

Judge Rea decided to revers his decision. We were allowed to see the girls every other weekend and one weeknight a week! Happy Day.

The grandparents were elated. Judge Rae apologized profusely to the grandparents and admonished the parents for keeping the children away from their grandparents. Note, the grandparents do not smoke, drink, or do drugs. They attend church, and have never been arrested. They are decent, honest and good people.

Mom Mom had such tears of joy in her eyes, and her heart heaved a sigh of relief at seeing Savannah, Mari, Micah and Luca! She hugged and kissed them and there were millions of smiles all around. So many tears of happiness.

Mom Mom awoke from her dream, still with tears on her face. It was only a dream. A very sad dream. It was not real. She still can't see her precious grandchildren.

Judge Rea, if you should ever know what you have done to destroy an entire family, you should surely be ashamed.

Mom also elected not to see her own sister and niece any longer. She has divided the family, with Mom and her husband (They got married after 3 children, during the hearings on grandparent visitation) stay in contact with Mom's dad, and myself, my husband and my other daughter and one grandchild are elsewhere, with NO contact, not by choice.

I have tried to speak to Mom, but she won't.

I am so so sad. It is almost one year since Judge Rea's ruling, and the last time I saw my Arizona grandchildren. I feel my soul has died forever.

I love you Savannah, Mari, Micah and Luca... more than chicken!