Thursday, December 06, 2007

One Sad Year

Hello my sweeties,
Today marks one dark, long year since we last saw you. (Not counting the 2 minutes when we ran into you in Target). It has been a very sad year for me. Thanksgiving also marked THREE years since your mom spoke to me. I just can't comprehend how your mom can hate so much, and for so long. You only get one family, and we are your mom's family. I SO miss you all. I think of you two about 200 times a day! I think of you last thing before I go to sleep, and you are my first thought when I awake in the morning!

The only thing that gets me through is the thought that one day I WILL see you again. I must believe that. Luna talks about missing you girls a lot too, and asks often why your mom won't let you girls see or talk to Luna and Tia either. She looks at your pictures a lot! Savannah, remember our planned "Reading" vacation? Luna and Tia and I talk about that quite a bit, and how one day you girls and Tia and Luna and I will go on this vacation!

Luna turned 5 on December 2nd. Erica made her a beautiful Scooby Doo cake!Isn't that cute? Luna had a great party, with a Scooby Doo piƱata too! We had pizza and cake and ice cream! Lots of people came... we all wished you could have been there. I hate missing YOUR birthday parties!

Here are some more pictures:

Erica has taught us about Hanukkah! We've been lighting the menorah and Luna can almost say most of the prayer in Hebrew! Tonight we had time to celebrate properly- we had pot roast, latkes, and cheesecake! We then played Dreidel with gold chocolate coins, called gelt. We had a very nice time. Here is a picture of Tia and me!

Here is Luna in the snow!

Well my precious girls, it's time for me to go. Oh, Coalli is doing well... she is SO cute, and lovable! When I can hardly stand it that I can't see or hug you girls, Coalli will snuggle with me, and I give her your hugs!

Remember, we are family, always will be. I LOVE you more than chicken, and always will!

Love, Mom Mom