Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Savannah!

Happy 11th Birthday, Savannah
Miss Sweet Pea!

Happy Birthday to you! Eleven years old, already! Here is a picture of the Nemo cake you and I made for your 6th birthday! Do you remember going all over to find a Nemo figurine for the cake? You were SO proud of this cake! You are in your pajamas too, from having spent the night with us.

I thought I was doing OK today, but I always get lumpy-throated and teary-eyed on holidays and your birthdays. I miss you so much. Nothing in this this life has been as hard as being down the street from you and not seeing your sweet faces, and feeling your sweet, tender hugs around my neck. God I miss you. I'd gladly give up all I own to see you and visit you.

Still, I have faith that one day we will see you again. We will have SO much catching up to do! You can meet the new puppies, Cualli and Sophie, and I can hear all about your friends and school, and your little brothers. Do you know that *I* rode a Harley motorcycle for a few minutes on Sunday? Yes! I was scared, but I did it! I'll tell you about it one day. I thought since I am getting older, I ought to try a few things!

I hope you had a wonderful party! I love you more than chicken, my sweet pea!
Love, Mom Mom

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Sweeties

Hi Girls,

I know you don't remember when this picture was taken! Look at Mari's spaghetti mess! Look how small you all are! This MUST be around Valentine's Day, 2003. What fun we were having with Tia and Luna!

I hope you had a good day! Did you have a Valentine party at school on Friday? I wish I could have given you a Russell Stover box of candy today! Russell Stover chocolates is sort of a tradition in our family. I remember MY Mom Mom and Aunt Alice always getting Russell Stover candy, the best according to them! I remember your mom wanting Russell Stover too! Funny!

Pop Pop sneaked out and brought home a steak dinner from Applebee's for a Valentine's Lunch. I really don't like to go out much anymore, so this was a nice surprise. Mmmm mmmm good! Luna made Pop Pop and I Valentine's cards, and mine is in Spanish! Luna is taking Spanish clesses in school.

I'm so happy to have spoken to your mom, 3 times this year! I'm SO hoping she will decide to let us see each other this year! I miss you so much. I never stop missing you and think of you all the time! Take care of yourselves, and remember I love you more than chicken. I love you more than Russell Stover chocolates too!

Love, Mom Mom

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Call

Well, to continue... I DID get a return call from my daughter, and I was very glad to have gotten it. I was told that Savannah is a certified scuba diver, at 10 years old! I'm SO proud of you sweetie!

I learned that Mari is very good in school! Go Girl, I am proud of you too! It feels SO good to know something!

I asked if I could talk to the girls and Danniele said she would think about it. Danniele also gave me her email address, which I promptly misplaced. My request to friend me on Facebook go refused. ;-(

I waited a few weeks and called Danniele again. No response, but she did call me back the next day. This time I got to now that Mari still has eczema, but only on her feet, and that Lucah also suffers from eczema. Micah escaped it. Danniele still has not decided if I can talk to the girls. I also now have Danniele's email address.

It IS hard to talk after all these years of silence. Danniele commented on it, and so did I. Still, it is sure nice to talk to my daughter. Danniele, if yiou ever see this, know that I love you and I wish we could see each other and the girls. It would be wonderful if you would call Lisa too. Consider the kids. Savannah and Mari would love to see me again, and also Luna and Tia. We're family!

I miss those kids so so much. I try not to think too much about them as I still get teary eyed and a knot in my stomach when i think of them.

It would be wonderful if I could send Savannah a present for her upcoming birthday!

Ta Ta for now. I LOVE you Savannah and Mari! I hope to see you soon!
Love, Mom Mom