Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello Girls! What a marvellous three weeks I got to see your brothers on Monday, May 4, 2009, and you girls on 11 days later, on May 15! What a day! I could not bring myself to write this most wonderful news, as I was floating on Cloud Nine and reliving our visits!

I remember trembling as we heard your dad and brothers coming up the sidewalk! I grabbed Savannah's head and hugged and kissed it. I could not grab you girls fast enough! You are SO big. I had a friend years ago in North Carolina, named Lottie, who used to call your mom and Tia "grownie". That's the word that came to mind when I saw you! Wow! You are SO grownie!

All my fears that you would not care about me anymore dissapeared when you gave me bear hugs! Later, you, Savannah told me how much you loved and missed me. An unsolicited bit of information that made me elated, and sad at the same time. When this mess first started, I hurt so badly, much if it due to thinking of how hurt you girls were at being ripped away from us. I KNOW it hurt you badly. When we used to go to your school for lunch, you would cry hysterically when we said we ought not to come, as we did not want you to get in trouble. I remember Eden's father telling us how antsy you were one day when we got there late. You kept looking at the door for us.

Well, I do not want to dreg up the past. I am very very grateful that your neighbor and your dad talked about allowing us to see each other. We've had two visits and I am happy as the happiest clam! I even weaned myself off the anti-depressant I've been on for five years.

I hope we can continue to see each other forever now! I am also extremely pleased that you can come to my house. Spending our visits only in the park was a REAL Mom Mom killer! I hope on one of our upcoming visits we can read and or bake something together!

You girls are just BEAUTIFUL! Your brothers are precious and you all are so loving and affectionate! I am finally a happy grandmother. I am very grateful to your dad for bringing you!

Look at these mighty handsome boys! MIcah just melted my heart on our last visit! I gave Mari some of the clothes I had bought you girls years ago. They were too small for Savannah, but Mari excitedly bagged them up and took them home. Shortly thereafter, Micah sidled up to me and asked " Don't you have any boy clothes?" I never expected him to notice or care about clothes- he's FOUR! Well, I did not have any that fit him- allt he clothes I had bought him, but was not allowed to give him were for a baby! So, I had a wonderful time shopping for boy clothes the other day! Now, on the next visit, I can tell him I DO have boy clothes for he and his brother!

I LOVE you all MORE than chicken!

Love, Mom Mom