Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hello sweeties,

Boy, do I miss you girls. Not an hour goes by that I am not thinking of you and wondering how you are, and when will I see you again. I SO wish I could see you and hug you! My heart is SO broken without you in our lives. Just know that I will always love you and I'll always be your grandmother. Sometimes I wonder if you even remember me anymore. Maybe it would be easier if you forgot me. I know I NEVER will forget you, not for an hour. I look at your pictures every day!

Last week we went to California to visit Pop Pop's sister, Sharon. She lives in Bakersfield, not too far from your other grandparents in Paso Robles! We got to spend a lot of time with Sharon's granddaughters. The oldest girl is named Savannah! Her little sister is Cheyenne. Mari got to meet them, almost two years ago, when they came to Phoenix. We took Mari to the zoo, while you were in California with your Aunt Susie. Savannah is 6, almost 7, and Cheyenne is 3, almost 4! Cheyenne would come have lunch with us in our RV! We had a nice, relaxing time, and we got to see the girls riding their horse! I told them all about YOUR riding lessons too! Aren't they cute?
Luna called us tonight, just to say goodnight! We told her about our California trip too! Our puppy, Cualli is growing fast, but still small. She is about twice the size of your Piddles, but just as active! Yesterday she killed a small garter snake in the back yard. For some reason, she runs to your playhouse each time we let her out!

Pop Pop stepped on a mesquite thorn before we left for California, and it was sore for days. However, when we got to California, the wound got infected. On the way home, we had to stop at an ER, and Pop Pop got an IV. He is taking a lot of medicine, and his foot is all swollen!

I know Micah's birthday is this month, but I don't know what date. I sure would like to see him and tell him Happy Birthday. He must be 3 now?

Ok my sweet girls. I'll say good night for now. Thinking of you ALL the time! I love you and always will!

Love you more than chicken!
Love, Mom Mom