Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Savannah is almost 9

Hello sweeties,

I haven't written much lately as I am so down. I miss you so much I can hardly stand it. I want to hug you so much! We won't be able to share your birthday again this year. Thanks to Judge Rea, we won't even be able to see you at all.

I certainly hope you have a great day and have a wonderful party. At 9, I'll bet you tall enough to break open your piƱata yourself! Please have lot's of fun with your friends and brothers and sister!

Here's a picture of your mom and Savannah on your third birthday!

We love you so much and miss you so much. I would trade all I own for a day with you girls! Don't forget to pray that things will be right soon - we do many times a day!

We love you more than chicken!
Mom Mom + Pop Pop

Friday, February 16, 2007

After Valentine's Day

Hi girls,

I hope you and your brothers are doing well. I am also hoping you received lots of Valentines. My Valentine to you will have to wait for a day when we can see you. Did you have a nice party at school? Don't think we didn't think of you! Every time we went into Target or a store that sold valentines, we felt a shot of sadness through our hearts at not being able to get you a cuddly animal or some chocolates!

I think of you everyday and pray everyday that your mom's heart will soften, and she will know how important you are to us, and also that we are important to you! Don;t forget to pray! Every time I hear "Shout to the Lord" at church, I remember us singing it together in the car!

You are in my thoughts the last thing at night, and the first thing in the morning. I am working on the site
which is not up yet. I'm hoping you will be able to find us and read about how much we miss you and constantly think of you! You are forever our granddaughters and we are your grandparents!

We love you more than chicken! Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hello sweeties,

I've been making a lot of scrapbook pictures of you and Luna to see one day! I have really gotten addicted to digital scrapbooking - wait till you see them!

Here is a picture of you two wearing the shirts you picked out at Target. You rushed to put them on in the van!

I'm wearing the charm bracelet you picked out for me that day, too! Remember the coffee cup charm Mari picked out, and the heart charm Savannah picked out?

Valentine's Day is coming up. I'm hoping you both have a great party at school! Mari, I sure would like to see you in pre-school! I used to take and pick up Savannah every day, and she was so excited showing me her paintings and crafts. I so enjoyed watching her play on the school playground after school.

Here are some photos of Savannah at Pre-school. Isn't she cute?

Danniele Centeno

I love you more than chicken! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Night Time

At night, when the TV is off, and Pop Pop has gone to bed, I think of you girls even more. I miss you so much it hurts. I'm hoping one day your mom will realize that she is hurting all of us... Tia, Luna, you girls and your little brothers.

Tia spoke to your aunts and uncles in Venezuela, who said they had heard nothing from your Abuelo, and that he kept telling them Tia and Luna were fine! Abuelo is living in Philadelphia now and has not spoken to Tia in over 3 years! I have a feeling Abuelo will hear from them soon.

Tia is going to Venezuela in the spring, and she will tell them all the details of what has happened to our family. Such a shame.

Again, I love you so so so much. I pray for the day to come when I can see you again!

Love, Mom Mom

Luna Baloona

Hi girls,

I wanted to post pictures of Luna too! She misses you and wishes she could see you. She started ballet lessons, and is learning chess! She LOVES the computer and her favorite TV show is Wow Wow Wubsy, and her favorite movie is Charlotte's Web!

We went to the Children's Museum in Pueblo with Luna. She had a great time! We wished you could have been there with us. Just know that you are always in our thoughts, and we miss seeing you and watching you grow. I hope your two little brothers, Micah and Luca are doing well too. Gosh, we've never even seen Luca, and only seen Micah a few times.

Luna and I made brownies, and Luna wore her chef's hat and apron. (A Christmas gift from Erica)

Hello girls

Wow, I have not posted in weeks! But not a day went by that I didn't think of you, or cry at night over missing you terribly.

Luna is getting SO big, and still talks about her cousins, Savannah and Mari. She and Tia also miss you very much!

We have been on the road for 6 weeks! For the first three, we used our van, and Roy, from church enclosed Pop Pop's trailer.

Then, we got a used RV and took Pancho with us. You both would have had fun with us! We spent Christmas with Tia, and while there we learned that Grandpa, my dad, died. We came home long enough to repack, and drove to Michigan for a beautiful Life Celebration service. You would have loved to have been there. It was just beautiful, and Tia and Luna went for a few days too. We ended up staying about a week.

There was lots of snow! We spent slow, mellow days with Jeanette, and enjoying her company, eating well, and reminiscing about Grandpa.

We took our time driving home, and stopped at Tia's house again. On the way to Tia's we visited the Wizard of Oz museum. Mari, I felt vicariously excited for you, and enjoyed every minute. We also saw lots of wildlife along the way, horses, donkeys, deer, rabbits, and even some strange ducks!

We sure miss you girls, and we bought you some Wizard of Oz souvenirs at the museum. Lord only knows when I can give them to you, but I am confident that one day they will be yours. The same day we get to hug and kiss you again, and see your shining smiles and beautiful faces.

I'll post again soon! I love you both more than chicken. We miss you SO SO SO much.