Saturday, February 03, 2007

Luna Baloona

Hi girls,

I wanted to post pictures of Luna too! She misses you and wishes she could see you. She started ballet lessons, and is learning chess! She LOVES the computer and her favorite TV show is Wow Wow Wubsy, and her favorite movie is Charlotte's Web!

We went to the Children's Museum in Pueblo with Luna. She had a great time! We wished you could have been there with us. Just know that you are always in our thoughts, and we miss seeing you and watching you grow. I hope your two little brothers, Micah and Luca are doing well too. Gosh, we've never even seen Luca, and only seen Micah a few times.

Luna and I made brownies, and Luna wore her chef's hat and apron. (A Christmas gift from Erica)

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