Friday, February 16, 2007

After Valentine's Day

Hi girls,

I hope you and your brothers are doing well. I am also hoping you received lots of Valentines. My Valentine to you will have to wait for a day when we can see you. Did you have a nice party at school? Don't think we didn't think of you! Every time we went into Target or a store that sold valentines, we felt a shot of sadness through our hearts at not being able to get you a cuddly animal or some chocolates!

I think of you everyday and pray everyday that your mom's heart will soften, and she will know how important you are to us, and also that we are important to you! Don;t forget to pray! Every time I hear "Shout to the Lord" at church, I remember us singing it together in the car!

You are in my thoughts the last thing at night, and the first thing in the morning. I am working on the site
which is not up yet. I'm hoping you will be able to find us and read about how much we miss you and constantly think of you! You are forever our granddaughters and we are your grandparents!

We love you more than chicken! Mom Mom and Pop Pop

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