Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hello girls

Wow, I have not posted in weeks! But not a day went by that I didn't think of you, or cry at night over missing you terribly.

Luna is getting SO big, and still talks about her cousins, Savannah and Mari. She and Tia also miss you very much!

We have been on the road for 6 weeks! For the first three, we used our van, and Roy, from church enclosed Pop Pop's trailer.

Then, we got a used RV and took Pancho with us. You both would have had fun with us! We spent Christmas with Tia, and while there we learned that Grandpa, my dad, died. We came home long enough to repack, and drove to Michigan for a beautiful Life Celebration service. You would have loved to have been there. It was just beautiful, and Tia and Luna went for a few days too. We ended up staying about a week.

There was lots of snow! We spent slow, mellow days with Jeanette, and enjoying her company, eating well, and reminiscing about Grandpa.

We took our time driving home, and stopped at Tia's house again. On the way to Tia's we visited the Wizard of Oz museum. Mari, I felt vicariously excited for you, and enjoyed every minute. We also saw lots of wildlife along the way, horses, donkeys, deer, rabbits, and even some strange ducks!

We sure miss you girls, and we bought you some Wizard of Oz souvenirs at the museum. Lord only knows when I can give them to you, but I am confident that one day they will be yours. The same day we get to hug and kiss you again, and see your shining smiles and beautiful faces.

I'll post again soon! I love you both more than chicken. We miss you SO SO SO much.

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