Thursday, June 28, 2007

Boots and stuff

Hello sweeties,

We're still in Colorado! I hope you are having a good summer! I'll bet you've gone to the splash park several times already! It's pretty warm here in Colorado too, but a LOT cooler than where you are! it actually gets nice and cool in the evenings and night, and that makes for good sleeping weather! Luna, Tia, Mom Mom and Pop Pop talk about you girls all the time and how much we miss you. I hope you are not forgetting us! You and your brothers are a part of our family forever-don't forget that! I'll bet Micah and Luca are getting so big-and I never saw either one as a baby! I wonder who Luca looks like! I wonder how Micah took to Luca! How do you two girls feel about being the big sisters?

I wonder if you two are still doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and all the work you were doing. Will Mari go to pre-school again this year, or first grade? Savannah, you will be going to fourth grade! Wow! I hope you are still doing well with reading and math, Savannah! Help Mari learn too!

Today, Pop Pop, Luna and I went to a hardware/tack shop for some stuff Pop Pop needed to fix a water pipe. This store had your names written all over it! Remember the blue boots you wanted, Mari? The pink boots you wanted, Savannah? They had ALL kinds of boots for girls your age there, and lots of neat western wear and tee shirts! Of course I thought of you the second I saw them, and got all teary eyed, as I miss you SO much.

We are helping to fix up Tia's yard. Today we got a new hose and sprinkler, as Luna and I planted grass seed in some bare spots in the front yard. We have trimmed her tree in the fron and hung geraniums by the fron door, and some petunias on the tree branch. It is really looking cute and homey!

The other night we made shish kebabs! Pop Pop cooked them on the grill. Mmmmmmm.

Here is Luna and some of her little friends playing in the front yard!

On Sunday, Tio Piti called and asked to speak to Luna. Instead, he put your Abuelo on the phone. Luna does not know who he is and would not talk. Such a shame. Well, Abuela has not called or visited Luna in over 3 1/2 years, on her first birthday! That was the last time he has seen her. What a shame, as Tia NEVER banned Abuelo from visiting or calling Luna, like your Mom did to Tia, Pop Pop and me. Abuelo decided himself not to call or visit Luna. SO, what is happening is you girls and your brother know nothing about Tia, Pop Pop , Luna or me, and luna doe snot know anyone but Pop Pop, Tia and me! It's crazy, isn't it girls! Pay attention, and don't don't let this kind of foolishness creep into your own families when you are grown.

I'm waiting for the day when you are grown a bit more and can decide for yourselves to visit us! That will be the best day on earth!

Love you more than chicken!
Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Monday, June 18, 2007

Thinking of you everyday!

Hi girls! I miss you so much. You are in my thoughts day and night! We're in Colorado again. We took Luna to see Thomas the Tanker train again, in Durango. What fun you would have had! You can't really see Luna in this picture, but we had a good time.

It is looking like I may not get to see you until you, Savannah, are old enough to tell the judge that you want to see us. Untill then, I hope you don't forget us, or Tia and Luna. Your pictures are all over Tia's house, as well as mine!

We are having a nice time here. Luna has lots of really nice friends next door and across the street, and plays outside all day long! She us taking gymnastics now and really loves it. I get to go see her twice a week while we are up here.

Don't forget to pray that your mom's heart will soften and we can all be a family again!

I love you more than chicken!

Mom Mom and Pop Pop