Monday, June 18, 2007

Thinking of you everyday!

Hi girls! I miss you so much. You are in my thoughts day and night! We're in Colorado again. We took Luna to see Thomas the Tanker train again, in Durango. What fun you would have had! You can't really see Luna in this picture, but we had a good time.

It is looking like I may not get to see you until you, Savannah, are old enough to tell the judge that you want to see us. Untill then, I hope you don't forget us, or Tia and Luna. Your pictures are all over Tia's house, as well as mine!

We are having a nice time here. Luna has lots of really nice friends next door and across the street, and plays outside all day long! She us taking gymnastics now and really loves it. I get to go see her twice a week while we are up here.

Don't forget to pray that your mom's heart will soften and we can all be a family again!

I love you more than chicken!

Mom Mom and Pop Pop

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