Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's been several days since I wrote... certainly not because you're not in my thoughts always... just that we made the trip to Colorado. We hit a lot of snow and ice, and stopped for the night in Albuquerque. The trailer had a flat tire and Pop Pop had to change it on the snow, at night, just one week after his back surgery! We finally got to Tia's house safe and sound! Luna asks for you often. She still has your picture book and looks at your pictures often. She misses you too.

Can you beleive Pancho likes the snow? It comes past his chest, and he does not want to go out in the cold sometimes, but when he does, he plays in the snow! He and Botas are getting along fine.

Tomorrow we are going to Pueblo to do some shopping, and hope we don't meet with MORE snow! I'll bet you and Mari are getting excited about Christmas. Remember how last year we drove around and looked at lights with Tia? Remember how we opened the van door on one street and you girls and Luna shouted "Merry Christmas"? We sure laughed and had such fun that evening! I'll never forget it.

I was so sad not to have been able to see you last week-end or to be able to call you. I sure miss you and I will always love you. I am always your grandmother.

I love you both more than chicken!

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