Friday, December 15, 2006

13 days

Its been 13 days since we have had any contact. Seems like a year. The Christmas presents we ordered you before we knew Judge Rea would not enforce our previous visitation order, have arrived. Each visit from FedEx or UPS makes me sadder.

We'll try to get someone to bring your presents, but I don't know if your parents will allow you to keep them.

If not, one day we will see you and hug and kiss your sweet faces again, and I'll tell you and show you your things.

We wish we could write a letter to Judge Rea, Superior Court, Maricopa County, Arizona, telling him of th epain he has caused us, and you and Mari too. If he knew how much you loved US and wanted to visit us. It is so cruel that he is keeping us apart. If we were mean , or alcoholics, or drug addicts, or theives, but we are not. We are good, honest, churchgoing people. I'm sure Judge Rea would not want HIS grandchildren taken away.

Here's a picture of our last day together.

Remember we LOVE you more than chicken!
Kisses, Mom Mom and Pop Pop.

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