Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Belated Easter Message

Hi Sweeties,

I'm late wishing you a good Easter. When I am that down about missing you, I just can't write, as I cry too much. I am still missing you just as much as ever, but I am doing OK today. I hope you had a good Easter!

Did the Easter bunny bring all of you lots of goodies? Luna found eggs around the house, then at church, and then at friend's house! She wanted us to keep hiding eggs for her to find, for two days! We dyed eggs Saturday night, and I made a ham dinner Sunday evening. Overall, a very quiet and nice Easter. Of course, I thought of you constantly!

I just saw Cindy Anthony on TV, and she said just what I felt... she did not want to keep living without her granddaughter, who was killed. I also did not want to go on living without seeing you girls, and then your brothers. Thankfully Pop Pop and Lisa were very supportive, and Luna too was there for me. I think of you all the time, and you must get tired of me saying that, but I want you to know how much I miss you, and how terribly hard this is for me.

We are still in Colorado, but will be coming home soon. I dreamed about you girls again last night. I ran into you in a restaurant, and even though your mom told you to ignore me, you both ran over to me and hugged me and we all smiled and hugged. You both had ear to ear smiles, and I did not want to wake up!

You girls are always in my thoughts and alwasy in my heart. I miss you so much!

Before long, we will see each other again!

I love you more than chicken!
Love, Mom Mom

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