Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Virginia Beach

Hello Sweeties! It's been a while, as I have been busy and sad over missing you. I think of you all the time!

Remember how we could not find angels for your brothers for my van dashboard? Well... I found angel snowmen! Yup! I bought one for October and one for March! They ride next to your angels!

We're getting ready to go pick up your cousin and head to Virginia Beach to see relatives we have not seen in a long time. We SO wish we could take you. We're taking a gazillion pictures of you girls to show your cousins how gorgeous you are!

We have been very busy. We got a new sofa recently-a sectional kind, that wraps around the corner. It is So comfy and all of you will fit on it! I'm trying to decide what color to pain the living room. Your room is staying the same-not to worry!

I'm tutoring a woman from church in reading. I'm sharing your favorite books with her and always tell her "I read this book to my granddaughters". She seems pleased with that!

Computer repairs and interpreting also fill my time. Pop Pop spends a lot of time in his shop and looking after Pancho. Pancho has Cushing's disease and needs quite a bit of medication each day.

Pancho still sits everyday, looking at the front door. We think he is waiting for you girls to come on in!

We love you more than chicken!

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