Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easter Trip

Hello my girls! it has been week ssince I have posted. Again, you were always on my mind. Pop Pop and I went to Virginia Beach for Easter, and we took Luna with us. She asked for you often, and looked at your pictures often, as did I.

One of the highlights of the trip, apart from seeing family again, was taking Luna to the Wizard of Oz Museum. I'm still hoping to take you one day too! Luna was a great traveler, and we went in our RV. We folded down the table, laying the bench cushions on top, and made Luna a little nest. There, at night, she would watch DVD movies on Pop Pop's laptop!

Here are some pictures of Luna on our trip! Hasn't she grown since you've seen her last? She adores Pancho!
Luna got to meet Aunt Barbara, and our Virginia cousins! We had a lovely time. Luna loved playing with Teresa's little girl, Elizabeth. But, the highlight of Luna's trip was meeting her 10 year old cousin, Brandon! She fell in love with him, and chased him all over the house!

We dyed Easter eggs, and I remembered how many times you and I did that. I sure hope you had a great Easter with your mom and dad and brothers. Did you look for Easter eggs? Mary Ann hid eggs for Luna to find, and she had so much fun! Luna and I went to church with Barbara and we had a HUGE meal! Mary Ann cooked most of the meal, and even made an Easter centerpiece with a bunny and colored eggs. It was very nice for me to see everyone again! I think it's been more than 11 years since I went back!

Luna got to play with Toto, the little dog that lives at the museum, but goes home with his owner at night!

Well, girls, I will post again soon. I never stop praying that things will work out for your mom and me, and that she will let us see you, and HUG you again soon! I miss you like crazy, and think of you a gazillion times a day (and night!).

Remember, Pop Pop and I love you more than chicken!

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