Thursday, June 05, 2008

No police were needed!

Hello Sweeties,

I am SO sorry about calling your house! I lost my head! Luna was at my house and SO wanted to play with you. I told her it would be impossible, but she asked if Danniele was mad at HER. I told her no, and she said she would draw your mom a picture to make her let you and Mari be able to play with her. I asked Marge to call you. She did, and spoke to you, telling you that Luna wanted to play with you. I, impulsively called you. I SO SO SO wanted to hear your voice, and when I did, you sounded so grown up! I never meant to cause you any stress or harm, and I apologize. I simply miss you and Mari so much, I feel I'll explode!

I was also totally shocked to have the police come to my house! I have NOT ever called your house since December 6, 2006, till a few weeks ago. Please forgive me, if your folks made it hard on you. One day you will understand how painful it is to me not to see or hear you girls. I am surprised the police even bothered, as I have never called before. The police said your parents would have me arrested if I ever called again! Believe me, it would be worth it for a minute of talking to you girls. But, to keep things peaceful for you, I will not call again.

Poor little Luna... all she wanted to do was see and play with you girls. She doesn't understand, and wonders and worries why your mom is mad at her. It's very hard to explain to her. Just know that all of us LOVE and MISS you. Me, Pop Pop, Tia and Luna all love and miss you very very much! I'd do anything to see you!

One of these days, you will find this blog and know how much we all miss and love you.

I love you girls more than chicken!
Love and hugs, Mom Mom

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