Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi Sweeties,

It is SO hot! I sure hope you are having a great summer vacation. I'm wondering if you'll go visit your other grandparents - I know you have a great time there, and maybe it is cooler there!

When we took Luna home, we took her to the Dinosaur Museum. We had a great day there. Guess what she is reaching for in that box? It is old, old, old dinosaur poop! Yuk! But it was so old, it just looked like an old rock!

The next day Luna and I made pancakes, and I made her this dinosaur shaped pancake. At least, it is supposed to look like a pancake!

I still miss you as much as I did before... just writing to you makes me SO sad. Everywhere I go, I remember when WE went there. But, last week, coming home from baase, while passing the "Salt Mountains" you both loved to see and I felt such a strong presence of you two girls. I could almost touch it... it was as if you were with me, and it made me feel so happy! I figure you were thinking of me too, and I know one day we will see you again. I KNOW it, and I plan for it!

Can you believe I may have jury duty again? I need to call tomorrow night to verify that I need to go! Amazing. I hope this time it does not last 4 months! Yikes!

While at Luna's house, I also took her to a cafe for ice cream one afternoon. Remember this outfit? It was yours, Savannah. It was too large for Luna, but she wanted to wear it. She misses you and Mari a lot too, and asks when we can see you all the time. She will be starting kindergarten this fall!

Well, I had better go for now. I'm waiting for the day when we are reunited! I'm praying for your mom's heart to soften.

I love you more than chicken!
Love, Mom Mom

Danniele Centeno

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