Saturday, July 05, 2008

My Bathroom

Hello my Sweeties, Savannah and Mari,

Since I am feeling somewhat better these days, I thought I'd write more often! I was able to post the last note to you without crying, so I'm giving it another shot!

Remember the Blue's Clues stickers in my shower? Well, they are still there, and I thought I would show you! You are both too big now to really care about Blue's Clues anymore, but they were a part of your past at my house!

Your yellow colander of toys is still here too! It was a joy to have Luna play with them a few weeks ago. She LOVED playing with them, but she said she did not remember playing with you girls in the tub. She does have lots of pictures though of those days though! I sure hope that you can meet up with her again one day and be happy cousins again. She REALLY misses you girls! It goes without saying that PopPop, Tia, and I REALLY miss you too!

Now for NEW stuff! I am redoing my bathroom in CRABS! I still have your stickers and some of your art work, along with that picture of your mom and Tia in the Mexican frame on the walls.

I decided to make my bathroom whimsical, and the crabs DO make me smile! Here is a washcloth! I found all the things on sale at our favorite store- Target!

The hand towels- TA da!

A crabby frame of my three precious granddaughters! (The photo does not show up well, but it is very clear in real life!

And finally a funny looking crab tissue cover! This really brightens the room and makes me smile!

I haven't done a WHOLE lot of smiling the past few years, so I can really use this! I started cleaning out your shoes in the closet of your room, but did not last too long. There are about 12 pair of outgrown shoes that are SO cute and sweet. I packed up as many as I could in a box to keep, but I could not stop crying, so I quit. I also plan on packing up your Cherished Teddies and Painted Ponies collections for safe keeping - to keep dust off, as I can't go in your room easily. I did sleep in there with Luna while she was here... I looked at the glow-in-the-dark stars that you girls just loved, and got tears in my ears! Don't worry Mari, Luna did not touch the teddies or horses. It was so sweet to cuddle Luna in there, and memories of cuddling you girls, and reading stories and playing in that room flooded back. I miss you so so so much. Thinking of you is all I have and even wonderful memories feels like a stab in the heart. Still, I think of you ALL the time. I am CONFIDENT that one day I will see you again- when you are older. I love you so so much. Even though I know I am the grandmother, it still feels like I lost my own children. We were so so close. We are close, as I know you still love me and Pop Pop.

I love you more than chicken, and will always be your grandmother!
Love, Mom Mom

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