Monday, May 07, 2007


Hi sweeties,

Well, we are back in Colorado! Tomorrow morning Tia leaves on her trip to Venezuela! Pop Pop and I are taking care of Luna. Tia is not taking Luna as she is taking several of her students, to learn about the government. She will, however be seeing your numerous aunts, uncles and cousins while there!

I printed out many photos of you girls and Luna, and a few of Micah that I had. I want everyone there to see how much you have grown and how beautiful you both are! Tia is trying to talk me into going with her in late summer. I would love to go, but we'll see.

We're having a good time with Luna. Can you believe she can read now? Just short sentences for now, but it's a start! And, guess what books she likes Tia to read to her? Just guess! Remember when I read Judy Moody books to you, Savannah? Well, Tia started getting them from the library to read to Luna and she loves them! Mari, Luna also loves Strega Nona, one of your favorites that I used to read to you!

Luna is having her first ballet recital next week, while we are here! It reminds me when you, Savannah took ballet! You were SO cute in your little leotard. You were a bit younger than Luna when you started.

Tomorrow Pop Pop is putting together Luna's swing set... JUST like the one we got for YOU girls! Luna really likes to be outdoors, and she has a fenced in backyard-I know she will be playing on that swing set a lot!

Keep praying, girls, that we will see each other before too long. I'm still waiting for your mom to call me. I'm hoping she will call me on Mother's Day to tell me we can all be a family again!

Remember we love you all more than chicken!
Love, Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Oh, you can see some of the scrapbook pages I have made, of you girls and Luna!

Bye for now!

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