Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry (After) Christmas

Merry Christmas, girls! I thought of you all day! I wondered what you got for Christmas and how much fun you were having! We an an excellent calm and peaceful day. Lisa, Luna, Pop Pop and I opened presents, and ate our traditional cinnamon rolls and orange rolls. The I put the turkey in and we played with all our new gifts! Pop Pop gave me a digital frame, so we can see yours and Luna's picture on display all the time! Tia gave me some gorgeous pants and Luna gave me a pink robe, that she painted "Mom Mom" on. Pop Pop and Tia also gave me gift cards! Luna painted a tool box for Pop Pop that says "Poppy's Tools". It's adorable.

Before we came back up here, I went shopping in Phoenix. The Fire Fighters were out front asking for new clothes for poor children. I was missing you so so so much, I went shopping for you! I bought clothes that I thought you would like and gave them to the firefighters for other little girls. Girls I also don't see!

Luna and I made peanut butter cookies and pumpkin pies. We had a peaceful dinner and then watched a video of Luna's Christmas program. I missed it because I was SO sick with bronchitis and asthma. It was a lovely day, but I thought of you sweet girls so much and missed you SO SO much.

Enjoy your Christmas vacation! Happy New Year! I love you more than chicken, and chocolate!
Love, Mom Mom

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