Friday, February 15, 2008

Fortune Cookies

Hello Sweet Girls,

Today I am posting pictures of the chocolate heart cookie pops and the fortune cookies Tia and Erica made and sent Pop Pop and me for Valentine's Day! Aren't they sweet? Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I can't eat them, but Pop Pop can! (I ate one fortune cookie!). Erica drove down to see her parents, and she and I had a very nice lunch yesterday, at the Wildflower Bread Company! Yum!

Tia really wants us to move to Colorado, huh?

Now, here is a picture of Cualli! She LOVES to burrow under pillows for her many naps! She is 6 months old now!

How did you girls like the rain today? Since today is Friday, I'm guessing you got out of school early. It's not often we have overcast days here, is it? We stayed in the house, except for an afternoon walk! I enjoyed staying in, cozy and comfy. The only thing that could have brightened my day would to have seen you!

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! You and your brothers will ALWAYS be MY Valentine- for life!

I love you more than chicken! When I tell Luna that, she tells me she loves me more thn 91 giants and 200 unicorns! Ha ha!

Big hugs! Love, Mom Mom

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