Friday, February 08, 2008

Sad News

Pancho went to doggie heaven today. Pop Pop and I have been in tears most of the day. The image of seeing puppy Pancho in your mom;s lap, almost 16 years ago has been in my mind all day. I came home from work, and your mom was holding puppy Pancho in her lap, while sitting on the kitchen floor. I tried to say "No", as we already had Sancho, but I could not resist. Pancho was SO cute and SO little. He used to ride in Pop Pop's housecoat pocket when he made the morning coffee.

We will miss Pancho greatly. Till his last days, he would look for you girls, waiting and looking at the front door, and trying to go into your room. He had not seen you in a long, long time, but he never forgot you.

I love you girls and I hope you are looking forward to Valentine's Day, and Savannah's birthday!
Love, Mom Mom

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