Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday, Savannah

Happy Birthday Miss Savannah!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Savannah! Will you be having a party? I hope you do, with lots of friends and a nice piƱata too! I am constantly thinking of you, and feel so sad that I can't send you a gift. When the day comes that we can see you, I will make up for all the missed birthdays, Christmasses, Valentine's, and Easters!

There is not too much to tell you, that's interesting, that is. I think of you and your sister and brothers all the time... I always will!

Our new puppy, Cualli is growing and learning, quickly! You would not believe how Pop Pop spoils her! She even likes to watch TV! Have you seen the GEICO commercials with the gecko? Cualli barks at that little gecko! She is so funny! I'm afraid she is a little like Pancho was- she does not like strangers! She is slowly learning to like Rosa and Ernie though! I'll bet she'll love you girls- she sure does love Luna!

The picture above was taken on our last day together, December 2006. I can hardly believe this has lasted so long. I get so sad thinking of you girls and your brothers growing up and I am missing all the excitement!

Here's a picture of you, Savannah, when you were small! You are ALREADY 10 years old! Remember, Mom Mom will ALWAYS love you, and I am forever, your grandmother!!

Happy, Happy Birthday sweetie!

I love you more than chicken!
Love, Mom Mom

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