Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Picture from Flicker

Hello Sweeties,

Another Valentine's Day going by, and I can't see you or send you a Valentine. Remember how we used to bake cookies? These cookies reminded me of our fun, so thought I would post them. I sure miss you. I hope you had a nice party at school! Pop Pop got me a new digital drawing tablet, called a Bamboo... just what I wanted! Tia sent us some home made fortune cookies with cute fortunes, that SHE made up! Tonight I'll take pictures and post them so you can see! She also sent heart cookie-pops with our names on them.

We had our house painted! It's almost the same color, but it sure looks nice! I wish you could see it, and maybe someday soon you will!

Diana, the woman I tutor in reading got a Hannah Montana movie... do you girls still like her? If so, I'll bet you have seen the movie too! When I hear her name, I automatically think of you - if I wasn't ALREADY thinking of you!

Bye for now! Love you girls more than chicken. I love your brothers too, and hope they are well!

Love, Mom Mom

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