Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Savannah!

Happy 11th Birthday, Savannah
Miss Sweet Pea!

Happy Birthday to you! Eleven years old, already! Here is a picture of the Nemo cake you and I made for your 6th birthday! Do you remember going all over to find a Nemo figurine for the cake? You were SO proud of this cake! You are in your pajamas too, from having spent the night with us.

I thought I was doing OK today, but I always get lumpy-throated and teary-eyed on holidays and your birthdays. I miss you so much. Nothing in this this life has been as hard as being down the street from you and not seeing your sweet faces, and feeling your sweet, tender hugs around my neck. God I miss you. I'd gladly give up all I own to see you and visit you.

Still, I have faith that one day we will see you again. We will have SO much catching up to do! You can meet the new puppies, Cualli and Sophie, and I can hear all about your friends and school, and your little brothers. Do you know that *I* rode a Harley motorcycle for a few minutes on Sunday? Yes! I was scared, but I did it! I'll tell you about it one day. I thought since I am getting older, I ought to try a few things!

I hope you had a wonderful party! I love you more than chicken, my sweet pea!
Love, Mom Mom


Sanderdoe said...

I can feel your heart breaking. But one day I feel certain you will be reunited. When the children reach the point of making their own decisions, they will come looking for you.

Sanderdoe said...

I can feel your heart breaking. I feel certain that one day you will be reunited with your grandchildren. When they are old enough to make up their own minds about things, they will seek you out. You may feel you are missing important moments in their lives now but there will be more and you will be able to love them and give to them when they need it most. Be strong and of good courage.