Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello My Sweet girls,

I'm thinking of you starting this new school year and how exciting it is! I wish I could see you dressed for school, and buy you some clothes and school supplies like in the past - but remember I am always thinking of you, being in school, playing, and at home.

We are at Tia's house and Luna starts school next week! Tia's friend is friends with Luna's teacher and principal, and took Luna to see her room and meet her teacher today. Someone told Luna that she might get in trouble at school, and be sent to the principal's office! Now Luna is less worried and seems to be looking forward to school! Last night I ordered Luna a stainless steel drink bottle and Thermos, since now we know how bad plastics are.

Tia ordered her a cute pair of black shoes and I found her a pair of pink shoes, styled almost like ballerina shoes! She has new dresses and pants and shirts and today Tia bought her supplies- crayons, glue, Kleenex, and such!

We need to come back home soon for a week or so, as I need to see a neurosurgeon. While there we will search for boots and a new play jacket for Luna! Luna is also doing VERY well with her reading! She will be starting soccer too! I was telling her about how you, Savannah, used to play soccer too! Remember how we came to all your games?

Have you seen ads for the new move coming out this September? It's called The Hollywood Chihuahuas. Pop Pop and I are taking Luna to see it when we get back here.

These are some tee shirts we had bought for you and your brothers, and were going to mail them anonymously, but after your folks called the police on me for calling you, I decided not to do so. I just wanted you to see them when you can! I have decided to give them to Tia's friend's little boy, Jack. (He is a real cutie). The horse tee I gave to Luna. Savannah's tee is so big, it may fit Mari by the time we get to see her, so I am saving it.

Have you seen the news about the little 3 year old girl who is missing? Her name is Caylee Anthony. I surely know what HER grandmother is going through... as it hurts terribly that I can't see you! I don't even know if you are ever sick, break a leg, or need to have an operation. Sometimes, when flipping through my photos, and I find one of you, I gasp and it feels like a knife in my chest. I still am waiting for the day that I know will come... the day we see you again!

I love you more than chicken, and always will!
LOVE, Mom Mom, your forever grandmother!

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