Saturday, August 02, 2008

Relatives and Stuff

Hello Sweeties,

I've been thinking a lot about family the past few years, and how no one's family is perfect. Family members have squabbles often. A brother does not repay another brother. A grandfather uses improper English. An aunt criticizes everyone's clothes. We all have these type of people in our families. We may *BE* one of these people. Does this really make them a BAD family member?

I am so sad that your mom won't let us see each other. You know Abuelo also has not spoken to Tia and Luna in over 5 years! She never banned him from visiting or calling her- he could have called Luna, sent cards, gifts, etc., he just didn't! She would have allowed that. Your mom and dad however, will not let me send you cards or gifts, along with not calling or seeing you. It is nothing but sad that our family is divided .... over what? Really.

My great Aunt Alice used to tell me constantly to clean my glasses, cut my bangs, and stand up straight. She would pinch me if I did not pay strict attention to the priest in church. I never held it against her and loved her to pieces. My uncle used to tell me I was ugly, and it hurt my feelings when he took my male cousin fishing at night, but not me. I adored him anyway.

As you girls grow up, remember, your family is your family... strange, different, short, fat, tall, and even a little loco! I heard once that it would be boring if we were all alike. I think that must be right. Family shares a heritage as well as blood and chromosomes. I don't think you should give up on family. You should give them a bit more leeway, a wider berth. You should treat everyone well, but why would you treat a stranger better than family?

Ok... we are at Tia's house again, as Luna wanted us to be here for her first day of Kindergarten! She is so excited, and picked out a My Little Pony lunch box.

This morning we all went to the Farmer's Market! We saw lots of little dogs and bought nice organic fruits and veggies. Luna LOVES raw green beans!

Here she is tasting goat cheese!

Looking at plants for sale!

I'm guessing you girls have done your school shopping and have your lunch boxes and backpacks ready! How exciting! I sure wish I could see you on your first day of school too! I am very happy to see Luna's first day! I may even volunteer in her class, like I did in your's, Savannah! Won't that be great? We will probably be here for a while this time since the cost of gas is so high!

Well, I am going to go now. Remember I think of you a gazillion times a day, and miss you terribly! We are family and Tia and Luna also miss you so bad - it hurts us all.

I love you more than chicken and always will!
Love and Hugs, Mom Mom

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Manuel said...

Keep praying, remember nothing is impossible with God. I am going through the same thing, let us keep loving our daughters, God is on our side. Our grandchildren is our inheritance according to the Bible, but we have an enemy who come to rob us of our inheritances. Love will make a way. I will pray for you as I know the same pain, I am still in shock