Thursday, August 28, 2008

New School Year

Hello My Sweet Girls,

Luna started kindergarten on Tuesday! She was pretty excited, and was happy to see some of her pre-school friends at the same school!

(Yes, this IS Mom Mom and Pop Pop... getting older!)

She is riding the bus and loving it, so far! I sure hope you are having a good school year! I wonder who is walking you to and from school these days? It is sure hot now, but you won't have to trudge through snow like Luna will!

I am in the middle of painting Tia's and Luna's office. So back to work before the paint in my pan dries! I was remembering how I painted your rooms too! Blue with Winnie the Pooh borders for Savannah and lime green for Mari and Kirstan. I'll bet one of those rooms is now your brother's room, no?

I'll post some pictures when the office is all done!

Love you more than chicken!
Your forever grandmother, Mom Mom!

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